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Dr. Hasnain Shinwari

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Here at Oral & Facial Surgery Center of Virginia, Dr. Shinwari takes tooth loss and the issues it creates very seriously. That’s why he offers several restorative options that can recreate your missing pearly whites in a comfortable and lifelike way, such as dentures and bridges. However, dental implants have become the true frontrunner in the tooth replacement race, thanks to their valuable health benefits, their stability, and their natural look. In fact, many patients who’ve received dental implants even forget that they’re not natural teeth after a while! If you’re ready to find out more, complete our short quiz to claim a free consultation with the skilled Oral & Facial Surgery Center of Virginia team today. We’ll review your treatment options and help you rebuild your flawless, natural smile.

The Best Way To Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants are considered by most dentists to be the longest lasting, most durable, and most attractive replacements for missing teeth. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry has stated that implants are the “next best thing to healthy, natural teeth.” Rooted in your jaw, implants are unlikely to need replacement in your lifetime!

To learn more about your options with dental implant treatment and to claim a free in-office consultation, take our short quiz.

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"Best experience everyone was very professional and polite, they worked around my schedule. I recommend anyone that needs wisdom teeth extraction or any kind of extractions to go there."
-Yussely R.
"Very professional & Experienced Doctor . My appointment went very well the customer  service from all of the staff was heartwarming. I felt like I had all my questions and concerns addressed. Dr Shinwari is THE doctor to have your wisdom teeth removed with no second thoughts."
-Lucy M.
"I enjoyed the entire experience with my 2 teenage kids. My daughter had 4 wisdom teeth removed in May 2022 and my son in July 2022 had 4 wisdom and 2 molars removed. The staff was very kind and informative. Dr Shinwari was amazing and knowledgeable.  We went home with proper information. The office is very clean. My teens healed fast and loves coming back."
- Rose K.
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